Why Do People Like Meat? (5 Reasons Why!)

Why Do People Like Meat

Why do people actually like meat? And why do people make a choice to consume it as part of their diet? The question of why people like meat is always going to be an ambiguous one! It’s like asking, Why do you like the colour green?

The simple fact is, that most people, when asked why they like meat, will either proclaim that they have absolutely no idea why they like it, or they will ream off so many reasons that you will be getting the next instalment of BBQ weekly!

It has come to a time in the world where eating meat has become commonplace in a majority of people’s daily diets. Meat is easy to come by and forms the central part of people’s meals, but why do we like meat, and why has it become the primary staple of most people’s plates?

What Is Meat?

Meat is commonly classified as the flesh from animals that are used as sources of food for human consumption.

The source of meat can vary from the very simple and familiar sources such as chicken to downright exotic sources such as Crocodile and Ostrich (Yes, really!).

While most people concern themselves with the more readily available meats you can find in most butchers, you can, of course, find the rarer meats in more specialist outlets or online.

The most common meats in the UK are:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • Turkey

However, depending on where you are located in the UK or even the world, trends will change regarding what meat is available for human consumption. For instance, the East of England has a lot of poultry farms, so you may find that chicken and turkey are more prevalent in that region.

Yet moving more to the west of the country into Wales, for instance, you will find that their abundance of land is more suitable to rear sheep so that lamb may be more popular here.

The History of Meat Consumption

Eating meat can be traced back so far in history, as far back as before records were actually available!

Let’s go back to the Paleolithic era, where the males of the tribe would go out hunting for days just to bring back food for their people. Back then, they didn’t have the abundance of choices we have today; there were no supermarkets and indeed no conveniently placed packs of mince to cook up on demand!

In these times, meat was the staple and often the only food source, but it wasn’t easy to come by, and they had to work incredibly hard to find their next meal, kill it, and prepare it for consumption.

Over time, we have recognised meat as an essential part of a balanced diet, and through generations of food history, you will find that meat plays a huge role in shaping the modern-day diets you see today.

Of course, eating meat is a contestable issue. It will never be acceptable to some groups of people. That point alone highlights the diversity in the world today when it comes to food as a whole entity and shows how things have moved on from thousands of years ago where there was no choice on what to eat; the meat was essential to sustain life.

So, Why Do People Like Meat?

Well, the reasons vary, and it’s a case of placing value on the consumption of meat for certain areas of eating.

These areas include elements such as:

It’s What You’re Used To

You may like meat in a daily meal because it is what you have been used to growing up, and it’s now ingrained in your everyday life. If you grew up understanding your main meal of the day as “meat and two veg,” this is probably something you carry with you in your household now.

Traditional Meat and Two Veg

You Like The Taste

There is always the element of taste that may come into the answer to why you like meat! People who are committed to eating meat will tell you that every different meat has a different flavour, and each meat has its own unique qualities when it comes to taste.

It Is Good For Your Health

In moderation, meat can be beneficial for overall good health. It is the purest form of protein available for human consumption. It is full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to an overall healthy and balanced diet. Farmison argue that British beef is a superfood!

It’s Versatile

There is no doubt that meat is versatile; it can withstand a vast range of cooking methods and complements many other flavours.

Meat tends to be the leading player in the main household meals, and it is no surprise when you think about how many things are possible with it as the main ingredient.

It Is Filling

Meat is protein, and protein is notoriously filling, so from a dietary perspective, meat is the classic choice to make sure that you are satiated with your meal and feel full from the dinner you have consumed.

The Meaty Bottom Line

So why do people like meat? Well, it’s personal, really!

Some people like it because it’s the only thing they know as a staple in meals, and some people love the different flavours meat has when the source is changed.

Meat is a versatile source of protein and can hold up to many different flavours and cooking methods, so it is a good choice for meals to make them different and exciting each time.

When it comes to choosing and purchasing your meat, you must go to a butcher or farm shop that will have the absolute best quality local meat available to you. It will be the freshest quality from the most sustainable sources available.

This means you will receive the best product with the best flavour and a product with the best nutritional quality.

Making sure your meat is from a sustainable source and handles by mindful experts means that it will taste even better on your plate!

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